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Inverted Paradiddles Applied to the Drumset -- This exercise demonstrates how to apply inverted paradiddles (i.e. the double in the middle) to the drumset. This example utilizes a rock feel. The right hand plays straight eighths. The paradiddle is played between the bass drum and snare drum. After you are comfortable with the pattern play counts 2 and 4 as rim-shots and all other snare notes as ghosted notes (i.e. 1/2 inch from the drum head). Practicing paradiddle permutations such as this is great for coordination while also providing the opportunity to work on ghosted notes and accents. The sound clip shows the exercise being played "straight" at a slow tempo and then at faster tempos incorporating the accents and ghosted notes.

This exercise is part of an article on the application of George Lawrence Stone's Stick Control book to the drumset. Click this link to read the entire article. Stick Control Article

Inverted Paradiddle MP3 sound clip

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